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What Rides To Fastpass At Disney World

Are you ready to make the most of your Disney World experience? Fastpassing is an excellent way to maximize your time in the parks, allowing you to skip long lines and get straight to the fun.

We’ll go through each park – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – and look at which rides are best for fastpassing.

From Space Mountain to Flight of Passage, this guide will help you pick out the perfect Fastpasses for your next Disney trip.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom offers some of the most popular rides to FastPass, so you don’t have to wait in long lines. From Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise, there’s a ride for everyone at Magic Kingdom.

To make the most of your time at Magic Kingdom, it’s important to choose wisely which rides you select for your FastPass. First off, purchase Disney merchandise that includes a special FastPass tip card. This will help you prioritize which rides are more important for you to fastpass.

Then look into crowd calendars or use apps like Touring Plans or Undercover Tourist as they offer up-to-date information on crowds and wait times for each attraction in Magic Kingdom. Choose your top three priorities and enjoy them with minimal wait time!


Epcot is a great place to explore and experience some amazing attractions. With its grand pavilions, rides at night, and cultural experiences from around the world, you can spend days discovering this unique park.

When it comes to FastPassing, Epcot has some real gems that are worth your time. Two of the best rides to consider for your FastPass are Soarin’ and Test Track. Both offer incredible visuals and thrilling experiences that will make you feel like you have been transported somewhere else entirely.

Exploring Epcot is also an exciting adventure, providing visitors with more than just rides – there are exhibits featuring international cultures, interactive activities designed to teach about science and technology, as well as dining choices representing many different countries.

All of these elements come together to make Epcot one of the most unforgettable spots in Disney World!

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is an exciting park full of entertainment, offering something for everyone with its thrilling attractions and incredible shows.

With a variety of Hollywood Studios Attractions to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones you should FastPass. There are some strategies that can help you make the most of your FastPass experience and ensure that you get the most out of your day at Hollywood Studios.

First, consider the rides and attractions that have long wait times – these will be your highest priority when selecting FastPasses.

Next, look for attractions that offer multiple experiences – such as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster or Toy Story Midway Mania – so you can get more bang for your buck with one FastPass selection.

Finally, keep an eye out for any new additions or changes to the park’s lineup; they may add additional options to your list of possible FastPasses!

By using these strategies, you’ll be able to maximize your time at Hollywood Studios and enjoy all the amazing attractions it has to offer.

Animal Kingdom

Experience the wild side of Disney with an exciting day at Animal Kingdom! This park showcases numerous animal habitats, conservation efforts, and expertly designed attractions that allow you to observe animal behavior.

Animal welfare is of utmost importance here, and all animals are cared for by experts in their fields.

Fastpass attractions such as Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, and Dinosaur will give you access to thrilling rides and a close up look at some of the most fascinating creatures on earth.

With breathtaking views and unique experiences, your visit to Animal Kingdom won’t be soon forgotten!

Space Mountain

Take a wild ride on Space Mountain, one of the most thrilling attractions at Disney World!

This high-speed roller coaster ride takes you on a journey around and through space.

With music, lights, and special effects that create an out-of-this world experience, it’s no wonder why this is one of the park’s most popular rides.

Pros of Space Mountain include its fast speeds, exhilarating jumps and drops, and amazing views from atop the mountain.

Cons are its long waits in line – up to two hours during peak times – as well as its intense nature which may be too much for younger children or those with heart conditions.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for thrills and adventure then Space Mountain is sure to deliver!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Climb aboard the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and get ready for a fun-filled family ride! This thrilling attraction is one of the newest at Disney World, and it’s sure to be a hit with all ages.

The ride has two different tracks that offer different experiences, so you can choose between high speeds or milder thrills. Ride strategies include going on the less crowded side first or taking advantage of FastPass+ to avoid waiting in long lines.

Safety tips involve keeping hands and feet inside the car at all times; no standing up or reaching out.

Whether you’re looking for a thrill or just want to enjoy some quality time with your family, this ride is sure to deliver!

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a classic Disney attraction that’ll have you screaming with delight as you plunge down its five-story drop!

This thrilling log flume ride has been a fan favorite since it opened in 1989, and continues to be one of the most popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom.

Riders explore the Laughin’ Place while listening to catchy tunes like Zippity Do Dah before taking an exciting 50 foot plunge into the briar patch.

While safety is always top priority, Splash Mountain offers big thrills for riders who are brave enough to take on this beloved attraction.

The level of excitement increases as riders come up against some surprises along their journey, including sudden drops and unexpected turns!

With plenty of cool special effects and exciting dips and dives, Splash Mountain will certainly give you a wild ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Moving on from Splash Mountain, let’s talk about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This rollercoaster ride is a great choice for those looking for an adrenaline-rushing experience at Disney World. With its twists, turns, and drops, it’s sure to be a memorable one!

When considering your ride strategy, keep in mind that the queue times can get long during busy periods. Aim to get there early or plan to use a FastPass+ if you want to make the most of your time at Magic Kingdom.

The wait will be worth it though – this attraction is sure to satisfy thrill seekers!

Expedition Everest

If you’re a fan of rollercoasters, you’ll love Expedition Everest!

Exploring Everest is an awesome ride that will take you on a wild journey through the Himalayas. Navigating the course requires agility and daring as you wind your way through ancient ruins and into the Forbidden Mountain.

The highlight of this ride is its steep drop that takes riders almost 200 feet down at 50 mph! With exciting twists, turns, and drops along the way, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to fastpass this thrilling coaster.

Not only does it offer an adrenaline rush like no other but also provides breathtaking views of Disney World from atop Mt. Everest.

So if you’re looking for non-stop thrills, get ready to embark on a wild expedition with Expedition Everest!

Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash is a thrilling coaster that will have you zooming around corners and hills like no other! It’s one of the most popular attractions at Disney World, with its own dedicated area in the park.

The ride experience is a wild one, featuring several drops and twists as well as a couple of surprises along the way. The coaster cars are designed after Slinky Dog from Toy Story fame, giving it an extra dose of character.

Lines for this attraction can get long during busy times, but that doesn’t detract from its appeal – if you’re looking for a fast pass-worthy ride, this should certainly be high on your list.

With its wild ride experience and fun theme, Slinky Dog Dash is sure to please everyone who takes it!

Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ Around the World is an amazing experience that’ll take you soaring over some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes. Making this ride a must-do when you visit Disney World.

To ensure you make the most out of your time, it pays to have a good ride strategy. Planning ahead and being prepared will help reduce wait times and maximize your enjoyment.

When making FastPass+ selections for Soarin’, think about when you plan to be in Epcot and decide which other attractions best fit your schedule. Knowing what’s available nearby can help optimize your itinerary.

Additionally, consider using Rider Switch if there are multiple members in your party who want to ride but don’t meet the height requirement or need a break from riding.

With careful planning and preparation, Soarin’ Around the World provides a thrilling adventure perfect for any Disney fan!

Tower of Terror

Head to the Tower of Terror for a spine-tingling, drop-filled thrill ride! This iconic Disney World attraction is based on The Twilight Zone and features an elaborate design that will take you back in time.

While waiting in line, guests are treated to a glimpse of the Tower’s rich history; from the introduction of Hollywood Hotel to its fateful night when lightning struck, setting off a chain of events that led to its abandoned state.

Inside the library, ghostly projections appear on walls and ceilings as you ascend into the eerie lobby. Once aboard the elevator, you’ll plummet 13 stories with heart-stopping drops and unexpected twists along the way.

Fastpass this unforgettable experience today!


Hop aboard a time-traveling vehicle to explore the primeval world of Dinoland U.S.A. at Disney World!

Here, you’ll ride on the back of an animatronic dinosaur and come face to face with some of Earth’s earliest creatures as you journey through a prehistoric landscape filled with lush foliage and giant insects.

Conquer Dinosaur Habitat, where you can take in sights like towering Apatosaurus and roaring Carnotaurus while navigating a rocky terrain full of Prehistoric Creatures!

Plus, don’t miss out on all the other fun attractions like TriceraTop Spin and The Boneyard!

FastPass+ is recommended for this thrilling adventure, so make sure to book your tickets today!

Flight of Passage

Experience an unforgettable journey on Flight of Passage, the breathtaking 3D ride that takes you soaring through the skies of Pandora! This thrilling attraction combines virtual reality with a realistic flight simulation to transport you to another world.

Feel the wind in your face as you soar high above the planet’s lush landscape. You’ll be creating memories that will last a lifetime as you explore this incredible land and take in its spectacular views.

The bioluminescent setting provides an immersive experience unlike any other, allowing riders to feel like they are truly flying. With advanced technology, Flight of Passage is sure to captivate everyone who comes aboard and make for an unforgettable experience.

So don’t wait – book your FastPass today and get ready to fly!

Frozen Ever After

Take a magical journey through Arendelle and beyond on Frozen Ever After. This incredible boat ride, inspired by Disney’s hit movie, is a must-do for any Frozen fan!

You’ll get up close with all your favorite characters from the movie, including Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Plus, you’ll take a spin around Elsa’s ice palace before heading out into the bay of Arendelle.

Along the way, you’ll experience an exciting “Frozen Moment” before getting to enjoy Olaf’s Adventure—a fun-filled musical finale featuring beloved songs from the movie.

Don’t forget to stop in at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post & Frozen Funland where you can pick up exclusive Frozen merchandise. Fastpassing this amazing experience is a great way to make your day at Disney World even more magical!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of day to visit Disney World?

For the best time to visit Disney World with your family, consider traveling during the off-season months for more family-friendly attractions and travel tips. Aim for weekday visits over weekends to avoid congestion. Plan ahead to get the most out of your experience!

How much does a Disney World Fastpass cost?

Pre-booking a Disney World FastPass+ costs nothing; however, if you wish to use the virtual queues, there is an additional cost associated. Maximize your time with pre-planning and take advantage of the power it provides!

Is there a time limit for using a Fastpass?

Yes, there are fastpass rules you must follow. You get a designated queue time and must arrive within 1 hour of that time or your pass will expire. If you miss it, you’ll have to rebook another pass and wait in the regular queue times.

Are there any discounts available for Disney World tickets?

You may be able to save money on Disney World tickets by visiting the park during non-peak hours, or taking advantage of discounted group rates. Be sure to check online for any promotional offers.

Are there age restrictions for the rides mentioned?

Yes, there are age criteria for rides at Disney World, as safety concerns must be taken into account. Guests under 7 years old may need to be accompanied by an adult or meet minimum height requirements.


You’ve now got a good idea of the best rides to FastPass at Disney World.

From Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain and Tower of Terror, to Epcot’s Frozen Ever After and Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom, you’re sure to have an amazing time with your family!

Be sure to check the wait times for each ride before making your selection so you can get the most out of your Disney experience.