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How To Avoid Parking Fees At Disney World

Do you want to save money on parking fees at Disney World? Then you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re visiting for one day or an extended stay, there are a variety of ways to avoid those pesky parking fees.

From taking advantage of resort transportation to looking for discounts and deals, this guide will provide you with all the information needed to save on your Disney World visit.

So let’s get started and see how you can dodge pricey parking fees!

Stay at a Disney Resort

Staying at a Disney Resort is an easy way to avoid parking fees. Disney resorts offer free, unlimited parking for guests staying at their hotels. Meaning, if you are staying on property, you don’t have to pay for your car to be parked while you’re out having fun!

Planning ahead and exploring the options can save you money in the long run. It’s important to research all your lodging options before making a purchase though; some of the off-site properties may offer free or discounted parking as well. Just make sure to confirm this information when booking so that you can maximize your savings.

When making your vacation plans, consider all of your transportation needs and see what kind of deals may be available – it could end up saving you quite a bit in the end!

Utilize Resort Transportation

Utilizing resort transportation is a great way to save money on your Disney trip. It can help you avoid long lines and parking fees, while also allowing you to bypass the crowds.

The fleet of buses, boats, and monorails are available at all Walt Disney World Resort hotels, making it easy for you to get around. Plus, some resorts offer alternative routes that allow you to access popular attractions without having to battle the crowds.

As an added bonus, utilizing resort transportation makes it easier to plan out your day — meaning more time spent enjoying the magic!

Take Advantage of Extra Magic Hours

Taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours is a great way to maximize your Disney experience. Early entry and late departure lets you avoid the long lines, allowing you to enjoy more attractions and experiences with less wait time.

As a resort guest, you’ll be able to access select attractions up to one hour before regular park opening or up to two hours after regular closing. You can also take advantage of late night shopping opportunities at select locations.

With Extra Magic Hours, you don’t have to pay for parking nor worry about finding an available spot in the busy lots during peak hours! So make sure to plan ahead and make the most out of your stay by taking advantage of these extra-special benefits.

Use Uber or Lyft

Using Uber or Lyft is a convenient way to get around Disney World without the hassle of parking fees. Taking this option can be cost-effective, as you can compare prices and make your decision based on what works best for your budget.

Plus, with time savings, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot in a crowded lot or paying extra for valet service. You’ll be able to quickly jump from one ride to another, allowing you to maximize your day at Disney World.

With an app that connects riders with drivers, it’s easy to request transportation when needed and have peace of mind that an experienced driver will get you where you need to go safely and efficiently.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

Take a Taxi

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get around Disney World, taking a taxi is the way to go. Booking ahead of time can save you time and money, as most taxi services offer discounted rates for pre-booked rides.

Car sharing services are also available in some areas of Disney World, which allow multiple people to book one vehicle and split the fare.

Taking a taxi gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your exact arrival time and cost upfront, without having to worry about parking fees or dealing with traffic. Plus, it’s often more convenient than other modes of transportation since many taxicabs will drop you off right at your destination.

So, if getting around quickly and affordably is what you’re after, taking a taxi is the perfect option!

Explore Disney Springs

Exploring Disney Springs is a great way to get an immersive experience of the magic of Disney. At this vibrant and bustling outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, you can save on parking fees while still enjoying all that Disney has to offer.

There are plenty of unique shops where you can shop locally for souvenirs or gifts, as well as several restaurants where you can dine outdoors under the stars. You’ll also find numerous entertainment options like movie theaters and live music performances.

Plus, there are plenty of free activities such as strolling along the waterfront promenade, taking in artwork at The Marketplace Co-Op, or watching a fireworks show from one of the many patios.

So if you’re looking to avoid parking fees at Disney World but still want to enjoy all its magic and charm, take some time to explore Disney Springs!

Park at a Nearby Hotel

For a great way to experience Disney without the hefty parking fees, try staying at one of the many nearby hotels. This option allows you to take advantage of the park and ride services which will transport you right to the entrance of Walt Disney World.

And if you don’t want to leave your car behind, some hotels offer free parking for those using their shuttle service.

Once on-site, you’ll find complimentary transportation within all four parks and between them as well. Plus, hotel guests have access to extra Magic Hours at select theme parks each day – giving you more time in the park!

So why not save money and enjoy a comfortable stay by booking a room close by? With no parking costs, it’s an unbeatable deal!

Utilize the Disney Skyliner

Take the Disney Skyliner to experience a unique, bird’s-eye view of Walt Disney World! The Disney Skyliner offers several benefits that can help you save on parking fees.

This gondola system provides efficient and convenient transportation between Epcot and Hollywood Studios, as well as select resort hotels. To maximize your savings, consider staying at one of the four resorts connected to the Skyliner: Pop Century Resort, Art of Animation Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, or Riviera Resort.

By taking advantage of this complimentary shuttle service, you’ll be able to avoid parking fees altogether! Plus, you’ll enjoy scenic views from above while making your way around Walt Disney World. Additionally, some of the resorts offer additional deals and discounts for guests who use the Skyliner.

So why pay extra for parking when there are so many great Skyliner benefits? Take advantage of these Disney benefits today and start saving money while enjoying all that Walt Disney World has to offer!

Take a Bus Tour

Embark on a bus tour to discover the many sights and attractions of Walt Disney World! With your ticket, you’ll get to see all the amazing places this magical kingdom has to offer without having to worry about parking or extra fees.

Bus tours offer convenient transportation with various routes throughout the park. You can choose from a variety of tour packages that include admission and visits to multiple locations such as Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. Tour guides provide in-depth knowledge about attractions and insight into their history.

This is an ideal way for families, couples, or solo travelers to explore Disney World without breaking the bank. Enjoy your journey through the world’s most magical destination while skipping parking fees!

Use a Ride-Sharing Service

Save time and money by utilizing a ride-sharing service to get around Walt Disney World! It’s easy to compare services, as many of the companies offer discounts for those visiting the area.

Ride sharing is an efficient way to avoid parking fees that come along with some Disney World attractions. You can save even more money if you opt to take advantage of discounted rates when you’re travelling in groups, or if you sign up for promotions offered by the company.

The customer service team at each ride-sharing company are knowledgeable and can provide tips on how to receive additional discounts. Additionally, all drivers are insured and have undergone extensive background checks for added safety measures.

All in all, riding with a ride-sharing service is an economical and safe option for getting around Walt Disney World while avoiding parking fees.

Carpool with Friends

Carpooling with friends is a great way to get around Walt Disney World and split the cost of transportation! Not only will you save on parking fees, but you can also enjoy group savings when you ride together. It’s an economical and convenient way to travel, as your group can share the journey, decide who drives, and plan out the route.

Plus, carpooling allows everyone in your party to stick together during your day at Disney World. Depending on how many people are in your party, you may even be able to fit all of your belongings into one vehicle. By splitting costs among several individuals or families, each person will end up paying far less than what they would for individual transportation or parking fees.

Carpooling is an easy way to cut down on expenses while still enjoying a fun-filled trip to Disney World!

Use a Disney Partner Hotel

Staying at a Disney Partner Hotel can be a great way to save money on your trip to Walt Disney! With discounts and special offers, you can explore the options available to you. When planning your vacation, be sure to check availability at these partner hotels and see if they fit your budget.

You’ll find that it could be more economical than paying for parking fees. Plus, many of these locations offer convenient access to the parks and other attractions in the area – perfect for making the most out of your visit!

Make sure you do some research ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on any potential savings opportunities.

Use a Guest Room Delivery Service

Make the most of your time at Disney World and consider using a guest room delivery service. It’s an easy way to get items delivered right to your door!

Guests are able to order from a variety of shops around the resort, including merchandise, groceries, and even restaurant food. Package delivery services offer complimentary shuttle services for purchases over $50.00. This is a great way to avoid parking fees associated with entering the resort grounds.

Plus, you can have all your essentials already in your room before you arrive or pick up items that may have been forgotten on vacation. Guest room delivery services can be an invaluable asset in helping you save money during your stay at Disney World.

Park at a Theme Park

Parking at a theme park can be expensive, so carpooling with friends or family is a great way to save money. Alternatively, you can rent cars or use shuttles.

If you’re willing to pay for parking, there are several options available at Disney World. You can choose from standard parking, preferred parking, and valet services.

Standard parking offers the most economical price if you plan to stay all day; it’s located near the entrance of each theme park. Preferred parking has more convenient spaces close to the front gate and cost slightly more than standard.

Valet services are the most expensive option; it provides visitors with premium service and direct access into the parks without having to wait in line at the entrance gate.

Look for Discounts and Deals

Check out online for discounts and deals on admission to the theme park to save money! Researching online price comparison sites or downloading discount apps can help you find discounted tickets.

Additionally, some travel websites offer package deals that include a hotel stay and various attractions at a discounted rate. It is important to remember that these discounts tend to be seasonal, so it may be better to plan your trip ahead of time if possible.

During peak season, many hotels also offer special discounts for guests who book directly through their website. Furthermore, signing up for loyalty programs offered by Disney World may get you access to exclusive offers and deals from time-to-time.

Finally, keep an eye out for special promotions during holidays or other occasions as they often have additional savings available. Taking advantage of all these options could potentially help reduce parking fees and other expenses when visiting Disney World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Disney offer any discounts or deals for parking?

Yes, Disney offers discounts and deals for parking, such as carpooling or park hopping. These cost-effective options can help you save money on parking fees at Disney World.

Are there any Disney Partner Hotels that offer free parking?

Yes, some Disney partner hotels offer free parking when attending events or joining clubs. Take advantage of these offers to reduce the cost of your trip and maximize your budget.

Are there any off-site hotels that offer free transportation to the Disney parks?

Yes, there are off-site hotels that offer shuttle buses and package deals with free transportation to the Disney Parks. Take advantage of these options to save on your trip!

Are there any bus tours that include free parking?

Carpooling or purchasing park passes can help you avoid parking fees at Disney World. Consider taking a bus tour that includes free parking to make the most of your trip.

Are there any ride-sharing services that offer discounted rates to Disney World?

You may be able to save money on your trip to Disney World by car pooling or taking advantage of discounted shuttle services. Consider researching car pooling and shuttle options to find the best deal for you.


You can avoid parking fees at Disney World if you plan ahead. Stay at a Disney Resort and take advantage of the resort transportation to get around. Use Uber or Lyft, or take a taxi, and look for discounts and deals offered by Disney Partner Hotels.

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, too! Lastly, if you have to park at a theme park, consider using a guest room delivery service instead.

With some research and planning, you can save money while enjoying your time at Disney World!