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Best Places To Eat Near Disney World

Are you looking for the best places to eat near Disney World? Look no further! From Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ to The Edison, this article will give you an in-depth analysis of the top restaurants in the area.

Ready for a culinary journey? Let’s go! With power and precision, we’ll explore each restaurant so you can make an informed decision about where to dine during your next visit.

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

You’ve gotta try Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ if you’re looking for great eats near Disney World! This restaurant has become a favorite among Celebrity Chefs and regular folk alike.

The creative, flavor-packed Southern Cuisine is absolutely mouth-watering. Plus, the atmosphere captures the spirit of true southern hospitality with warm colors and accents like rocking chairs to relax in while you enjoy your meal.

The menu offers classic dishes that are sure to please everyone in your party, from fried chicken and shrimp & grits to specialties like Grilled Gator Tail with Red Beans & Rice.

Enjoy an authentic taste of the South without having to leave Orlando!


Heading to The BOATHOUSE for dinner? You’ll find a diverse menu of steak, seafood, and pasta dishes with a waterfront view. Each dish is crafted with the freshest ingredients and prepared to perfection. From the tasting menus to custom-made entrees, you’re sure to be delighted by the culinary delights presented before you.

Plus, reserve ahead of time for an even more luxurious meal. The reservation policies are strictly enforced, so be sure to secure your spot before heading out! Enjoy a unique dining experience on Disney property at The BOATHOUSE. With its outstanding cuisine and superior service, it offers an unforgettable evening that will make you come back for more.

Morimoto Asia

Morimoto Asia is a must-try for anyone looking for an immersive Asian dining experience. Located near Disney World in Orlando, Florida, this fine-dining restaurant offers an array of unique and flavorful asian fusion dishes.

From sushi to noodles, the menu has something delicious for everyone. Guests are presented with an unforgettable experience with their attentive staff and chic atmosphere. The ambience is perfect for date night or a family outing and the variety of options will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Morimoto Asia’s exquisite cuisine is sure to impress discerning diners and provides a truly one-of-a-kind experience – making it the perfect place to enjoy a memorable meal near Disney World!


Another great option for an unforgettable dining experience near Disney World is Paddlefish. Located in the heart of Disney Springs, this seafood restaurant offers a unique dining experience and new menu items that are sure to please all palettes.

Boasting spectacular views of the lake, Paddlefish also has recently undergone ambiance changes to create an even more heightened sense of luxury. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, guests can feel free to relax and enjoy their meals in whatever atmosphere they choose.

The attentive staff provides a professional yet warm service where no detail is overlooked. From fresh seafood dishes to juicy steaks, guests will be spoilt for choice with their diverse selection of entrees on offer at Paddlefish.

An ideal spot for any celebration or special occasion, its chic design and modern decor make it one of the best places to eat near Disney World!

The Edison

For an unforgettable dining experience, you can’t go wrong with The Edison located near Disney World.

With its signature 1920s industrial glamour atmosphere and delicious modern American cuisine, it’s the ideal place to enjoy a romantic evening or special occasion.

The food selection is varied and offers something for everyone; from light snacks to three-course meals. Even better, there are budget-friendly options for those watching their wallets.

Whether you’re looking for a unique eating atmosphere or simply crave the comfort of familiar dishes, The Edison is sure to satisfy your cravings in style.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Enjoy an unforgettable evening at the Hollywood Brown Derby, a restaurant inspired by 1930s Hollywood glamour. Treat yourself to fine dining and classic cuisine in an atmosphere that exudes luxury and sophistication.

With its vintage decor, intimate booths, and attentive service staff, you will feel as if you have been transported back in time with every bite. Their extensive menu is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates, with dishes like hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and decadent desserts all prepared with only the freshest ingredients.

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or a fun night out with friends, The Hollywood Brown Derby provides an unbeatable experience that will leave you wanting more.

Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

Head to Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant for a lively night out in the heart of Disney Springs. Enjoy the traditional Irish pub atmosphere as you sip on craft cocktails and sample tasty dishes from their expansive menu.

The quality of the food is sure to please, with options ranging from hearty stews to fish and chips. The restaurant also features live music performances every night, making it an ideal spot for enjoying a lively evening in the area.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy dinner or a great time out with friends, Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant has something for everyone. Its vibrant atmosphere and high-quality cuisine make it one of the best places to eat near Disney World.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant is a unique dining experience, offering an immersive atmosphere reminiscent of 1950s drive-in movie theaters. Perfect for any sci fi fan, the restaurant features classic cars and booths designed to look like spaceships to complete the ambiance.

Movie memorabilia adorns the walls and cinema-style snacks are served in cardboard containers for a true movie theater experience. The menu offers classic American favorites with a twist including burgers and shakes made with creative ingredients. For dessert, you can indulge in unique selections such as chocolate sundaes topped with cotton candy or strawberry shortcake milkshakes. Plus, there’s plenty of vegetarian options available too!

Sci Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant gives you an unforgettable evening out while enjoying delicious food in a truly one of a kind setting.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Moving away from the nostalgia of Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, you can experience a more modern take on classic dishes at Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Located near Disney World, this restaurant is perfect for those looking to dine in style. With their focus on modernizing classic dishes and using seasonal ingredients, the menu offers something for everyone. Whether it’s their signature French Onion Soup or one of their succulent steaks, you are sure to enjoy every bite!

Their atmosphere is both inviting and elegant; making it an ideal spot to have a romantic evening or even just lunch with friends.

Be Our Guest Restaurant is sure to provide you with an unforgettable dining experience that you won’t soon forget!


For a truly unique dining experience, check out Tiffins, located just steps away from Disney World. This signature restaurant celebrates the cultures and traditions of nature and exploration through its menu options, decor, and atmosphere.

Its innovative dishes are inspired by different cuisines from around the world, honoring Tiffins’ history of international travel. Traditional ingredients are combined with modern flavors for an unforgettable culinary journey.

The setting is perfect for all occasions: whether you’re looking for an intimate evening or celebrating a special event with family and friends. With its intricate details and sophisticated design elements, Tiffins brings to life the rich customs of past expeditions in a modern way.

Immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience that honors the past while creating lasting memories for the future!

Yak and Yeti Restaurant

From the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom comes Yak and Yeti Restaurant, an exotic oasis in the midst of Orlando’s theme park-filled landscape.

Offering an array of authentic cuisine with bold flavors, this restaurant is a must-visit for anyone seeking a culinary adventure. The menu features a variety of dishes from across the globe, featuring traditional favorites like General Tso’s Chicken as well as more adventurous fare such as Dragonfire Salmon.

All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection, creating a truly unique dining experience. With exotic flavors that tantalize taste buds and expertly crafted cocktails that tantalize your senses, Yak and Yeti Restaurant offers something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for something familiar or wanting to explore something new, this is the place to go!

The Wave… of American Flavors

Experience the thrill of exploring American flavors from coast to coast when you dine at The Wave… of American Flavors. This restaurant located near Disney World is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience unique cultural influences and vegan options.

The menu offers an exciting array of dishes, from classic Southern favorites like mac & cheese, fried green tomatoes, and spicy jambalaya, to flavorful dishes with Tex-Mex influence. Enjoy your meal in a warm atmosphere that exudes comfort and ease while savoring each delightful bite.

Vegetarian and vegan diners will be pleased with the wide selection of plant-based options available here – from tacos made with jackfruit ‘carnitas’ to gluten-free cauliflower wings.

Whether you’re looking for classic American fare or something more exotic, The Wave is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Jiko – The Cooking Place

Be amazed by the unique flavors of African-inspired cuisine at Jiko – The Cooking Place.

An exquisite dining experience awaits you in this Disney World restaurant, whether you’re an experienced food connoisseur or a novice diner. With its vibrant atmosphere, attentive service, and delicious food quality, Jiko is sure to please all who enter its doors.

From the moment you walk in, your senses will be delighted with the tranquil ambiance and inviting decor. Evaluate each dish for yourself as it is prepared fresh with an array of authentic ingredients that blend together beautifully for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Enjoy dishes like succulent lamb chops and savory vegetable curries while being served efficiently by friendly staff members.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a memorable meal at Jiko – The Cooking Place!


Indulge in the rich flavors of African-inspired cuisine at Sanaa, located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Enjoy a unique culinary experience as you explore Indian flavors and bold spices, all within an atmosphere of breathtaking beauty.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed lunch or an upscale dinner, Sanaa offers something special. The menu is full of authentic dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds – from savory tandoori specialties to creative vegetarian options, there’s something here for everyone.

With attentive service and breathtaking views of the resort’s savanna, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this luxurious restaurant. Let yourself be captivated by the African-inspired cuisine and Indian flavors that make Sanaa truly one-of-a-kind!

Flying Fish Cafe

Looking for somewhere to eat that rivals the unique and delightful dining experience at Sanaa? Look no further than Flying Fish Cafe.

From its menu selection featuring fresh seafood, beef, pork, and poultry dishes to its unique ambience filled with hand-painted murals of sea life, this restaurant offers a perfect blend of food quality and atmosphere.

Plus, service reviews are always positive, with waitstaff ensuring customers have everything they need. Prices range from moderate to expensive depending on the dish but are worth it considering the exceptional cuisine.

The cafe is conveniently located in Disney’s Boardwalk area – perfect for those looking to make a night out of dinner before continuing their exploration of Disney World’s attractions or special events nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of food is served at each restaurant?

When deciding what type of food to eat, you must consider family friendly and fast food options. Consider the atmosphere, menu items, and specialties of each restaurant when making your decision. Power diners should take into account the quality and variety offered at each place before committing to a meal.

What is the average cost per person at each restaurant?

Compare prices and portion sizes of restaurants to determine the average cost per person. Use an analytical approach, drawing on opinions to inform decisions for a powerful result.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available?

Many of the best places to eat near Disney World offer vegetarian and vegan options, helping those with dietary restrictions and environmental impact concerns. Explore restaurants for their menus and find what works best for you.

Is there a dress code for any of the restaurants?

When considering the dress code of a restaurant, cost effectiveness and quality control are essential. You must evaluate if the attire is suitable for the atmosphere and price point. Make sure to ask about any dress requirements before making your reservation or arriving at the restaurant.

Are reservations required at any of the restaurants?

Evaluate the gourmet experience and atmosphere: reservations may be required at some restaurants. Consider if a reservation is necessary to ensure an optimal dining experience.


You’ve got plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from when you’re near Disney World!

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ has the best Southern comfort food around, while The BOATHOUSE offers a unique waterfront dining experience.

Morimoto Asia is perfect for Asian cuisine lovers, and Paddlefish and The Edison are great for seafood enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out The Wave… of American Flavors or Jiko – The Cooking Place.

And don’t forget Sanaa and Flying Fish Cafe – they both offer delicious meals that will make your trip to Disney World even more memorable!